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Understanding Social Media

Getting the Hang of Social Media for SEO


social media

Social media is the new frontier for many SEO practitioners such as SEOExplode because before, there were no such things as likes, shares, or comments. There were only comments on blog posts, email shares, the like.

These are all dinosaur concepts now. With over two billion users globally, Facebook has greatly dominated the social media scene, and it also changed how information can be shared over a large space or network.

But how do the top rankers of social media actually do it? How do they get so many people aboard their content? We’re going to share with you some excellent strategies today that will get you to that point.

Overcoming the Hurdles

 overcoming SEO hurdles

What makes your users tick?

It’s so easy to just offer information to people and get it over with, but the fact of the matter is that people are deluged with information daily, and they don’t easily succumb to new content. When you are on a platform like Facebook, your content has to overcome three tough hurdles.

First, your content has to make the user stop scrolling on his news feed. People have become so used to the idea of getting information freely on Facebook that if the information doesn’t resonate with them in three seconds, they’re going to keep scrolling.

The second hurdle has to do with the level of interest and investment of the user. The user has to think that he wants to open the link on the post if it’s an outbound link, or he has to be convinced that he needs to take a closer look to read the entire post.

If you can hold your audience for more than ten seconds, that’s usually enough time – because people can scroll through hundreds of posts per day and not even notice it. That’s the kind of environment that social media offers to business owners, so it’s quite challenging because we want users to do the exact opposite.

We want them to meditate a little on how great your branding is. But sorry, that’s not going to happen easily on Facebook unless you create a strong following that respects the type of content that you pump out on your business page. The third and final hurdle is having people share your content.

People share content on social media because one, the content resonates with them and second, they feel that people on their networks would be interested in what they discovered on their news feed, too. That’s three great hurdles and it is only on the third one that the digital marketer is able to unlock the full SEO power of social media.

Well, to be fair, getting people to like and comment on specific posts also help your main website, because your Facebook page will be linked to your main website, and Google takes note of all the interactions found on the Facebook page. The more your Facebook page is carried around by shares, the better.


Delving Deeper Into Shareable Content

 share content on social media

To fully understand how you can start creating content that resonates with people, it’s time to ask yourself a few important questions:

  1. What type of information does your audience typical share? What forms do they like sharing on Facebook?
  2. Does your audience like reading content from your page mainly to be informed, or to be entertained?
  3. Do you have any information as to where your audience is getting additional information? What other platforms are they using to obtain information that they need in various forms?

Content production for Facebook follows the same nuanced process that we follow when creating long-form content for our blogs and websites. There is no difference.

Why? Because only the platform has changed – the consumer behavior hasn’t. People’s preferences might shift a little to accommodate the general availability of certain types of information on social media, but what they like reading and sharing remain the same.

One type of content that is definitely worth trying are quizzes. Websites like Buzzfeed that have been incredibly powerful in generating viral content even before it was called viral content are kings of quizzes.

What makes quizzes really effective in catching people’s attention is that they’re simple, they’re entertaining, and people feel engaged and relaxed at the same time when they interact with this type of content.

The reward for the interaction, which is the results of the quiz, would naturally be shared by people because they’d want other people to know what they’ve been working on. So there’s this strong bond immediately that adheres the user to the quiz, and to the preferable action after the quiz, which is sharing the results.

And then there’s content that just hits the spot every time. We call this type of content “core content” because it fiddles with people’s emotions and sensibilities, and regardless of their location and age, people like to share them.

There are so many variables to take into consideration when creating this type of viral content, but one thing you have to remember is that it has to be appreciated by people even if they don’t belong to the same culture as you.

There are universal emotions and thought patterns, and by using these to mold your content, you end with irresistible, viral content that people will share in a heartbeat.

And finally, there are the round-up posts. Round-up posts are agglomerations of interesting tidbits in and out of the Internet that have something to do with your audience’s central passions in life. Of course, it would help if your round-up posts are firmly associated with your niche, and your branding.

But it won’t harm to post  off-topic stuff every now and then, just to show your audience that you are not about self-promotion, and that you are truly interested in holding a general conversation or dialogue with your audience.

This is quite important to people, because social media is all about getting social, right? So start appealing and reaching out to people who follow your social media accounts today and start making meaningful contact.