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Proper Swing Using Golf Drivers

A good drive is where success on the golf course begins. The drive, or the tee shot, sets the tone for an excellent round. When perfectly executed, it gives a golfer an exhilaration that makes him play better. In a way, a good drive is needed to have fun while playing.

Golf drivers are the clubs a golfer use to perform such tremendous drives.

Golf drivers are usually the longest, heaviest, and most powerful golf clubs in a set. They are meant to drive the ball to a great distance across the golf course and towards the hole.

It is not that easy, though, to hit the ball long and straight down the fairway. It isn’t as simple as swinging as hard as you can. The fundamentals of a terrific drive include proper stance, grip, and a precise swing.
First thing to observe is how hard you hit your driver during a tee shot. A lot of golfers are swinging way too hard on the drive which makes the shot wild.

Almost as many are hitting the ball too easy, making it short and inadequate. A reason for this might be that they are too often accused of pounding the ball every tee shot. That’s why they subconsciously become cautious about swinging too hard.

The thing is, to improve your drive you have to remember to swing with the same amount of effort as you swing your pitching wedge. It gives better control and enough force to take the ball further down the fairway.

To ensure having a proper stance, spread your legs comfortably wide apart with your knees slightly bent. Stand with the ball aligned with your front foot. If you’re right-handed, the ball should be aligned with your left foot. Putting yourself on top of the ball will make it more likely that your golf driver will strike the ground first before the ball, so avoid that.

Make sure that your driver is long enough to hit the ball with ease. Golf drivers have different shaft lengths, and it is important to find one that suits your height or preference. The length of the shaft is a factor that can influence a golfer’s comfort during a tee shot. The more comfortable the golfer is, the better is the chance to have a successful drive.
GolfA longer shaft gives less control over the ball, yet more power. In contrary, a shorter one provides less power but better accuracy.

When it comes to the grip, do it firmly but naturally. Correctly handling a golf club helps you better control the club face upon impact with the ball. The rear hand should be leading the front hand (for a right-handed player, right over left).

The wrist supplies power to the shot and gripping the club too hard reduces its flexibility. Also, the golf driver should be held more with the fingers than in the palm. This technique increases the amount of wrist hinge, which results to a better drive.

Golf drivers are such heavy clubs that a golfer must learn a few tips to utilize them well during their swings.
A full swing has three parts: Takeaway, Transition, and Follow-through.

Takeaway is the first part of a swing. This is when you take the golf club to the top of your head for a back swing. Most experts believe that it should be done slowly rather than lifting the club quickly. The weight of the golfer should also be transferred from the front foot to the back foot (or the opposite, for a right-hander) when the club swings backwards. This will build up strength to boost the shot’s distance.
GolfTransition is the back swing’s top or the starting point of the downswing. To create more force, the golfer has to keep the back swing until such time as the club is in a position that is parallel to the ground. At this point, the golfer has to release the club easily downward for the swing. Don’t force the club downward, because it makes the shot less accurate.

The Follow-through is when the energy built up is released upon impact with the ball. In this case, the weight should be transferred back to the front foot as the club is on the downswing. The club should make contact with the ball at the bottom of the swing with a high follow-through.

Golf drivers are usually the longest, heaviest, and most powerful golf clubs in a set. RBG provide the best quality Golf drivers.