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Getting Started in Article Writing

If a person wants to jumpstart his career as a freelance writer or wants to earn a little money on the side, article writing is one of the best ways to do so. Because of the many different web sites that offer different types of topics to write about, writers have an almost endless array of choices and styles that they could take for themselves.

Content writingOne of the many joys of article writing is that it allows a writer to work from home on their own schedule and write about what they want to write about.  On the other hand, one of the difficult questions that those who want to get into writing is where or how to start. This article serves as a guide for those who want to get started in writing for online content and build up their freelance writing career.

What Writing Can Provide

Article writing actually helps a person in more ways than they think. Not only does this activity allow him to work from home, writing articles can also:

  • Help him earn some money – some would argue that the pay in writing articles isn’t much, but that’s only when they start out. If a person loves to write, then he might as well get paid writing. Article writing will help him earn some extra cash while he works on his latest masterpiece or while he’s juggling his day job.
  • Improve a person’s writing – there are times when an editor will ask for an article to be rewritten or revised, often with comments and points to improve on.  A good writer will learn from these mistakes and find that his writing will soon improve over time. Some have even reported that they have found writing to be easier.  This is especially true for those shifting from other forms of writing such as academic or technical writing.

Getting Started

If you want to jump start your career as a freelance writer, these are some of the questions that you could start asking yourself:

  • What topics can I write about?

There are so many topics out there that you could talk about. The best way would be to pick out which topics that you are interested in and can expand ideas from. It is better to write articles about things that you like than things you do not like.  This will allow you to establish your connection with your target audience easier.

  • What types of articles could I write?

There is more than one type of online articles.  There are news articles, blog posts, feature articles, and newsletters. You simply need to figure out if you want to specialize in a single type or deal with various types.  Each topic could be tackled using different types of articles.  Each website that the articles will be submitted to may have their own requirements on the type of article as well.  Some research may be needed depending on the type of article, the topic, and the website requirement.

  • Where could I submit my articles?

Eazy_Bloging2A writer does not have to be restricted to the internet and various websites to submit his work. He could research and look for newspapers and other types of publications to submit to. Small companies tend to pay a smaller amount for submitted works while the reverse holds true for larger companies. Competition to get accepted into larger publications is fierce, however, so a writer must be prepared to compete with other writers to get approved. He could also ask his friends and family members if there are other businesses or journals where he could turn in his work.