A Brief History of Custom Military Coins

Challenge coins are sources of pride for many veteran and current military service members. Aside from their obvious use—to issue a challenge to another member of the same troop or unit—custom military coins are also used to honor members of the military for excellent performance or achievement in the line of duty.

We’re sure that not everyone knows the origin of military challenge coins, and that is okay. After all, there are no confirmed records of when and where the term was coined (see what we did there?). However, there have been attempts to trace the origin of the tradition attached to this particular medallion, and we’re listing them down right here.

Awarding Coins in Ancient Rome

Before military coins became famous tools to issue challenges, they were used to honor outstanding soldiers in the Roman Empire. History experts claim that a Roman soldier received an extra coin with his usual pay whenever he performed his duty well for the day. This coin was minted differently, often with a special mark of the unit it came from. Because of this, most soldiers opted to keep the coin as a sort of medal or keepsake, instead of spending it.

Custom Military Coins

Military Coin Saves the Day

Other records say that the first custom military coins made their appearance during World War I. Stories had it that a rich officer ordered bronze medallions with his unit’s insignia and gave them out to his men. Little did he know that this would end up saving one of his men’s lives.
Shortly after he received his coin, a member of this platoon was captured by the enemy after his plane was shot down over Germany. The Germans took all of his possessions except for a small leather pouch the soldier wore around his neck. Luckily, this pouch contained his military coin.

When the soldier managed to escape the German prison, he immediately made his way to France. However, because he did not have any identification with him, the French thought he was a spy and made preparations to execute him. There was no way to prove his identity except to show his medallion to his captors. Fortunately, one of the French soldiers in the group recognized the insignia on the coin. The story ends on a happy note, with the pilot saved from execution and sent back to his unit.

Coin Challenges after the World War II

Records may differ on where custom military coins first appeared, but most agree that early challenges were started by American soldiers stationed in Germany, sometime after the Second World War. Notoriously called “pfennig checks,” named after the lowest coin denomination in Germany, American soldiers routinely checked each other to see if everyone had one with them all the time. If a soldier was found with none, he had to buy a round of beers for everyone present.

The tradition then evolved from checking pfennigs to looking for military medallions, where anyone can challenge other members of his unit by slamming his coin down the table or bar. If any member of the same unit did not have his coin with him, he had to pay for a beer of the challenger and all those who had their coin. But if everyone else had their medallion, the challenger shouldered the bill for the next round of drinks.
Replacing Bullets with Coins

Military Coins

Because of the popularity of military challenge coins, a lot of army units started customizing their own medallions. For instance, Special Forces Groups during the Vietnam War took to carrying simple coins with their unit’s insignia stamped on it.

Prior to that, soldiers carried around an unused bullet with them, both as a source of pride (bullets were then given as rewards for surviving a mission) and to prove their manliness to other members of their unit. Problems started when soldiers started to use these bullets to issue challenges against each other in bars. To avoid a deadly accident caused by slamming down live ammunition down a hard surface, the Army issued an ordinance banning the use of bullets for challenges. Not wanting to stop a tradition, though, they replaced the bullets with a limited edition of specially minted Special Forces coins.

Military Coins Today

While medallions are rarely used to prove one’s identity in a war these days, we still recognize the importance of this item, not just to our veterans, but to their younger counterparts as well. Military coins are a source of pride and a proof of brotherhood, and we at Challenge Coins 4 Less honor this tradition more than ever. Because of this, we make sure that we provide nothing but the best services for all customized needs.
A colorful history deserves all the honor it can get, and that is exactly what we aim to do through our custom military coins.


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How’s The PCB Fabrication Market Going this 2016?

With the global printed circuit board market continuously growing, companies and consumers need to know how it is going this year. has come up with a market analysis to provide our customers with the best insights they need to consider when buying PCBs today. Whether you’re looking for flex, one/two-sided, 4-6low, 8-16mid, 18+ high, Mirovia CHDD, rigid flex, or substrates, we are here to offer you the best deals on the web. Our advanced PCB fabrication methods are used to create premium circuit boards to meet exact needs and expectations at competitive rates.

The common applications in which our PCBs are used include defense, aerospace, storage, computing, cellular phone, automotive, communications, industrial, medical, and a lot more. And when it comes to quality and affordability, our production team is aimed at manufacturing first-rate PCBs to exactly provide clients with what they want. Using the following insights and trends, you can also improve your business with excellence and consistency. Learn from these tips to increase your customer base and expand your manufacturing business as well.

Knowing the PCB Market Today

Pcb fabricationToday and in the years to come, the PCB market will continue to expand due to the increasing demands of tech companies and manufacturing businesses around the world. This industry is in fact vital to smartphones and mobiles market; therefore, PCB fabrication is expected to rise globally. The current increase in smart device sales is another proof that these products are consistent in becoming the frontrunner in the industry. Moreover, the advanced technologies like wearables and Internet of Things help boost PCB demands in today’s market.

The high demands for consumer electronic gadgets and mobiles are in Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, and India. As a result, there is now substantial growth in terms of PCB value within these locations. The largest market segment today is the 4-6layer printed circuit board since it’s used in providing high component density to tech products. They are also widely used in gadgets with embedded transistors, resistors, and capacitors. Another factor is the introduction of innovative types of circuit boards like the substrates and FPCB. The healthy growth rates in 4-6layer PCB sales support manufacturers in meeting the needs of the evolving technology landscape within the tech market.

Segmentation by Analysis and Application of PCB Fabrication

  • Automotive
  • Communications and networking
  • Industrial, instrumentation, and medical
  • Storage, peripherals, and computing
  • Cellular phone
  • Defense and aerospace

The communications and networking segment is expected to become the biggest revenue contributor to large-scale PCB market while accounting to revenue shares of about 30 percent by 2020. The increased consumption of wireless networks like ultra-wideband, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi incites growth in such segment and is projected to grow in the upcoming years. The competitive landscape is filled with multiple buyers and manufacturers that promised the market with quality and innovation. Hence, the continuous tech developments within this field significantly improved PCB fabrication processes for a brighter future in this industry.

On Top Of the Game

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